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The Endless Bummer – Part VIII

Day Three I rose with the sun on day three, one of those happy accidents that occur when you’re well-rested and don’t need the squawk of an alarm clock to get your day started. Melinda and the kids were still just beginning their journey to consciousness, so I took my cup of coffee to a…… Continue Reading →

The Endless Bummer – Part VII

On our way back to the room, I encountered our maid in the hallway. She asked in broken English if I wanted service today. “Yes please,” I said. “What service you want?” she asked. This was a puzzling question. I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotel rooms over the course of my life, but never has…… Continue Reading →

The Endless Bummer – Part IV

After dinner we gathered the troops for a stroll on the boardwalk. Virginia Beach doesn’t have what I’d call a true boardwalk. The boardwalks of my youth were composed of an overstimulating hodgepodge of food stands, carnival games, and junk shops selling t-shirts with pithy slogans such as “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor”…… Continue Reading →

The Endless Bummer – Part III

We took turns showering, the kids and Melinda going ahead of me so I could make sure the sand they brought back from the beach was at max levels in the bottom of the tub. But just as I’d availed myself of my bathing suit and started the water, Melinda stuck her head out from…… Continue Reading →

The Endless Bummer – Part II

The luggage unpacked and the restless natives sufficiently quelled, we put on our suits and headed for the beach. Despite its limited utility, one of the smarter accouterments Melinda purchased in previous years was a beach cart, one of those folding numbers that looks like an oversized baby stroller you can hang your chairs from…… Continue Reading →

Top 5: Summer Soundtrack

Each year, I wrap up the school year and head into summer. But summer break for me doesn’t mean days lounging by the community pool or exotic vacations to beachside towns; it means work. Work on the house, work entertaining the kids, work at the brewery. How I long for those lazy days of unstructured…… Continue Reading →

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