The Endless Bummer – Part IV

After dinner we gathered the troops for a stroll on the boardwalk. Virginia Beach doesn’t have what I’d call a true boardwalk. The boardwalks of my youth were composed of an overstimulating hodgepodge of food stands, carnival games, and junk shops selling t-shirts with pithy slogans such as “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor”…… Continue Reading →


The Endless Bummer – Part II

The luggage unpacked and the restless natives sufficiently quelled, we put on our suits and headed for the beach. Despite its limited utility, one of the smarter accouterments Melinda purchased in previous years was a beach cart, one of those folding numbers that looks like an oversized baby stroller you can hang your chairs from…… Continue Reading →

The Endless Bummer – Part I

On the big day, Melinda and I packed the car with the necessary beach provisions. Packing for any type of excursion is an exercise in blind anticipation, where you walk around the house looking at your stuff and guessing whether you’ll need it or not. Should we bring the waffle iron? Do you think the…… Continue Reading →

Top 5: The Places You’ll Go!

I’ve never been much of a vacation guy. I know some people who spend their entire summers traveling, visiting the corners of the world with frequent flyer miles or road-tripping to US hot spots. It’s my understanding people enjoy doing this. Growing up, my parents’ idea of going on a summer vacation was blaring John…… Continue Reading →

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